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MY STORY (Lyrics)

                                      My Story

In between the lines and spaces there still remain a million places 
Where we overlook each other from day to day

Precious time is spent on hopeless cases, no end in sight...just too many bases
Yet everybody swears they know the way!

But...Sometimes I see an Angel standing there in front of me and
He won't let me take another step, when I'm in the place where I should be
Whether running late or ahead of time my guardian Angels make circles and lines

They help to keep me on the path to My Destiny...
God is Love and Love is free, God is Love...and Love is Liberty

This is my's my story,
Oooh my story, my story, my story, my story, it's my story...3x

Give Love, get Love, that's just how some stories go...make Love, create Love
Who, when, where and why? God only knows

Goodness and mercy they follow me everywhere I go
I got angels encamped all around me, my Faith in God is all I know

This is my's my story,
Oooh my story, my story, my story, my story, it's my story

I had so many close calls...out there on the battlefield, but time was on my side
God's plan for me was revealed, Only God knows my story

Angels from heaven watching over me and the prayers of the righteous all I need.........That's my story

This is my story, it's my story
Oooh my story, my story, my story, my story, its's my story...3x