Press Release


Sam Jonathan Johnson Ep “SHAMELESS” Feat: Ezidinma


This is totally unbelievable...but you can see and hear for yourselves! These two Baby-boomers have managed to bring a new flavor to the table of today’s Millennial driven music game. Their sound is fresh and aggressive.  "SHAMELESS" will be released to all social media outlets the week of June 21st 2018. Yes, the beginning of Summer! Sam Jonathan Johnson (Producer/keyboardist /singer/ songwriter) and Pat Williamson (lyricist/

songstress) a.k.a. “Ezidinma” are not new to the music scene at all! They both had brief exposures to the game back in the day! Sam, a Vietnam Vet

did a solo Jazz album for Columbia Records, and Pat a lead singer with “The Soul Train Gang” on Solar Records, was also a back ground singer with Aretha Franklin and can be heard on the “LaDiva album! They both come from families with a Gospel music back ground and were always in the forefront at a very young age! So it was inevitable that their paths would eventually cross! Between the two of them, their musical history is insurmountable. So who did what with who..how..when and where? Be the first to get a one on one with them as their new story unfolds!


You just might catch one of their rare performances. Rare...because they prefer quality over quantity....spending most of their time in the lab creating back to back bangers! Nonstop!!! Although their message is all about love...Their music has been categorized as “Alternative” due to its diversity of genres! So be prepared to experience an unbelievable rush as you listen to...and feel the rhythms of their new Ep: “SHAMELESS!” 



1. SHAMELESS /feat; Chico Bennett on Guitar & Sam Jonathan Johnson (SJJ) on Keys & Justus West on Bass                     

2. O.M.G. /feat; SJJ, Ezidinma & TheOwnlyHope (Vox)

3.  SUMMERTIME SUNDAYS  /feat; SJJ on Piano & Felix Oquendo on Sax


4.  IT’S CRAZY /feat; Ezidinma, SJJ & TheOwnlyHope (Vox), Justus West on Bass, SJJ on Keys

5.  ARISE GET UP /feat; Ezidinma

6. ARE U SATISFIED /feat; SJJ, Ezidinma & Yolanda Johnson


Produced & Arr. By: Sam Jonathan Johnson

Engineered / Co-Produced & Co-Arr. by: 

Chico Bennett / Zero 1 Ent.