"All I Need Is You"


Release Date 5/28/2021

Greetings world changers! We have a wild imagination. However, hindsight is 20 / 20 and we're soo happy it's behind us!  Imagine a cleansing rain that covers the earth with a visual of glistening Polka Dots? How liberating is just the thought itself! Our new single is an expression of that very thought!  With me Sam on Keys, Bennett on a funky guitar and Ezidinma belting out the melodies as only she can. Ezidinma's thought provoking ballad  "Some of Us"was blessed  by drummer extraordinaire Gorden Campbell.

 We invite you to take this once in a lifetime journey with us. Welcome to:


Hello good people around the world. I know it's been a gooood minute but we've been on another mission in search of a word of inspiration to pass on during these uncertain times.  Judging from the looks of everyone's current situation we had to dub our new EP project "TIME CONSTRAINTS!"  Of coarse Love permeates all of our work. We had  the expertise of Bennett in the lab doing the engineering and helping with arrangements, help from drummer extraordinaire Gorden Campbell on "WHAT IF,"and the phenomenal Felix Oquendo on Sax featured on "Sam's Jam" and "Osiyah J." Last but not least..Ezidinma presenting a self penned song co-written by yours truly; "WHAT IF"and b.g. Vox. I hope you all download and enjoy it! As always we appreciate you for your love and support. We put GOD first in everything we do! 

"TIME CONSTRAINTS"  Release Date 4/4/2021



Hey everybody! This is Ezidinma ... just wanted to stop by and say thank you for allllllllll your support and encouragement. This EP was done out of our love for GOD, to lift You up, and for you to be blessed. We are also thankful to work with some GREAT talent which Sam has already mentioned above. Lastly, I have to say how grateful I am to work with such a Prolific producer, composer, writer--the musical genius: Sam. Because of him my gift has expanded and grown tremendously. Finally, take some time out to let us hear from you. Respectfully yours, Ezidinma!