Samuel Jonathan Johnson began playing the organ at age 14, at E. 17th St. C.O.G.I.C. in Des Moines, Ia. where his mom was choir director and pianist. Within a few months, Sam had become the youngest "State Minister of Music"in C.O.G.I.C. history! Serving in both Nebr.& Iowa.  

   When Sam was !6 years old the family moved to New York City, where he played for several churches, Holy Trinity C.O.G.I.C. in Brooklyn was his home church and Sam quickly gained notoriety as one of New York’s finest organists there. Whether showing other musicians the newest licks, or training choirs, Sam was a natural teacher.  At age 19 he went into the Army and was introduced to jazz by some older guys in his unit. A few months later he was playing jazz at piano bars and college parties when off duty, wherever he was stationed. After returning home to New York he continued to play for church choirs, and composing songs incorporating jazz chords with gospel chords to create his unique style and sound. Subsequently, Sam formed the group "Spontaneous Combustion"and performed throughout the New England area, sometimes opening for major acts such as; "The Jackson 5!"  Soon after getting major exposure, Sam recorded his solo album“MY MUSIC "for Columbia Records.  John Hammond, the father of the music industry who was also Clive Davis' mentor, was Executive Producer! John had discovered most of the great legends from Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, Billy Holliday, Count Basie, Aretha Franklin, and George Benson, to Bob Dylan.  Sam and Bruce Springsteen ("The Boss") were the last artist discovered and signed by John Hammond before his retirement! They both became a part of music history. Sam's album "My Music" was released in Europe where it made some noise, but never made it to the U.S.  Sam was ahead of his time according to music insiders! Having mixed emotions about the outcome of his debut, and also dealing with his mother's illness at the same time, Sam took a long sabbatical as a recording artist, and began to work with local jazz singers in the New York area. He began to write poetry in Greenwich Village, and became involved in musical theatre on Broadway.  Ultimately becoming director of the music dept. for Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee's Open Cage Theatre in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. under administrator and founder, Tina Sattin.  After a couple of years of creative frustration, Sam relocated to Los Angeles where some famous cousins (The Gap Band) were making their mark.  New to Hollywood, he played at a local church on Sundays (Sweet Home MBC) and taught music at Communion Christian Academy during the week.  Lately, Sam has been listening to and critiquing today's music with his  younger children, and the Hip-Hop music explosion has inspired him to write and be creative again. He says; "I often hear my style and sound being used in samples on radio and t.v... and I am honored that the Hip-Hop culture has embraced "My Music!"

   In a world where people, places, situations, and things constantly dictate our time, it's wonderful to be able to encircle your space with the ambience of good music....It speaks to our inner-child!  Out of all the gifts that God gave us, music is the one that leads us back to him!  So.....we are proud to present to you the latest EP projects from Sam Jonathan Johnson.  Enjoy 

Pat Williamson a.k.a. "Ezidinma" was born in Oklahoma City, Okla. but at the young age of three her family moved to Los Angeles, California. Not long after their arrival the family united with New Life Missionary Baptist Church, where her mom became the pianist and Minister of Music. Consequently, Pat began singing gospel music at a very early age! She was naturally gifted and often sang in musicals, weddings and many other events throughout her school years. After high school, she attended Cal State University Los Angeles, where she majored in classical music (voice)!

One day while she was scanning through "The Scoop" (an L.A. weekly newspaper) Pat noticed an article that caught her attention. It stated that Don Cornelius was looking for singers and dancers, and he was holding auditions to start a new singing group. Approximately 350 people had  auditioned to be a part of the group called "The Soul Train Gang!" Consequently, in the end Pat Williamson was the final pick for the main soprano songstress for the group. 

The Soul Train T.V. show aired every Saturday. Aretha Franklin was watching during a 'Soul Train Gang' performance. She was impressed with Pat's performance and reached out to her a few days later. Aretha was working on a project and wanted Pat to be a part of it. This led to singing on several projects with Aretha, working on her "La Diva" album, several concert gigs including the Greek Theatre (Los Angeles), and performing with Aretha at the New York Jazz festival.

After numerous tours and performances both local and abroad, things slowed down somewhat...and Pat had a yearning to go back to her church roots. She joined West Angeles COGIC where she was one of the lead singers, and on the Praise & Worship Team for several years.

Then, Sam Jonathan Johnson's choir, (L.A. Joy) recruited her as a soprano for the play; "The Gospel At Colonus' which had an upcoming debut in the Los Angeles area. The play ran for about a week, sold out nightly and had rave reviews! At the end of the run...Pat continued to work with Sam and L.A. Joy on their CD project; "TRY GOD," as well as working with other artist such as Doc Powell and Kirk Carr. Subsequently Pat and Sam lost touch for a few years. But with the chemistry that they had acquired from working together, and the destiny before them...Music brought Sam and Pat back together! 

Pat now goes by the name; "Ezidinma," and she's still a powerhouse vocalist with a range that's off the charts!!!  Along with Sam's composing skills they have become a writing team that is second to none! Together they have penned at least 12 songs in the past year! Here is where they showcase their latest collaborations!    Ezidinma is here to stay!!!

EZIDINMA - Featured Vocalist / Songwriter