It's that time again!!!  More new music!  We can't help it.  God just keeps the music flowing through us!  We're not young enough to try to be competitive in the game...but old enough to share our knowledge and wisdom in song as God uses us!  "FaceTime Heaven" was inspired by our connection to Aretha Franklin.  Growing up as a little kid my mom had the most powerful and anointed voice i had ever heard...but one day we heard a kid named Aretha Franklin singing with a tone and sound like my mother!  She was just 14 years old!!! Needless to say, I instantly connected to her as if she was my big sister!  P.K. always connect!!! 

      A couple of weeks ago when hearing of her passing,  Pat and i were overtaken with emotion and decided to compose a tribute song!  Being that Pat had sung and toured with Aretha it was all the more fitting for us to do this!  In titling the song FaceTime Heaven....We thought of other loved ones like my mother and father and Pat's mother and father that are also gone on to heaven!  We will be releasing the song in the very near future but for now we have put together a little video tribute.  We hope you check it out!!!